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Orange Pi Zero 2 for OctoPrint Setup Guide

Questions about the board?

Check out the Board FAQ

Questions about the kit?

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General Questions

Which SBC board will I get?

We have evaluated 10+ different SBC boards to find the one that can deliver the best value on the cost. So far Orange Pi Zero 2 which, despite the name, has a performance comparable to Raspberry Pi 3B/B+, seems to be the winner. We may change to a different board later in case of a last-minute surprise. You will be notified by email when/if this happens.

Why don't you know what exactly the final cost will be?

As stated above, there is a chance that we may switch to an SBC different than Orange Pi Zero 2. Hence we can't have a final price right now.

How much will the shipping cost?

Shipping costs will be calculated and paid when you complete the final order. Shipping costs will be standard USPS shipping rates. Past kits have cost between $9-15 for shipping in the U.S.

Where can you ship?

We can ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. We do not have the ability to ship internationally at this time but will look into this in the future. 

How long are pre-orders open?

Pre-orders will be open until 11:59 PM est. on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. 

If I don't pre-order, can I get a board or kit later?

The goal is to make this a long-term project until the raspberry pi shortage subsides, but we cannot guarantee that we will continue selling the boards and kits after this first round, so be sure to pre-order if you want one.  

Is it safe to provide my credit card?

Yes, the Obico team will not have any access to your credit card information. Payments are handled by Shopify, a certified Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant website provider, and its financial partners. You also have the option to checkout using PayPal if you prefer.

What if this project fails?

This is highly unlikely as we have already evaluated the project in detail, and we are quite certain we will be able to deliver in the allotted timeframe, but if for some reason we are not able to do this, we will be happy to refund your pre-order. 

Does OctoPrint work with my 3D printer?

If your 3D printer uses an open-source firmware such as Marlin or Klipper, it will work with OctoPrint and this board. This includes popular brands such as Creality, Prusa, Anet, Artillery, Geetech, Kingroon, Tronxy, FLSun and many others.